Presentation:More Than A Presentation
Teacher: 王思齊


Less is more
Long story short
The idea is all that matters
And the heart is all that counts
“No man is an island.
We like to send out messages to be widely read and understood.
This course tries to make it easier for you
to share ideas and connect hearts with the outside world.
This course will introduce several useful presentation skills, which helps you organize your ideas more effectively, know how to simplify your messages, enhance communicative skills, and eventually develop your own presentation style.
So please join us for the following few weeks.
Hope we may take you to the starting point of presentation.

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Course Object

To “see” the profession of presentation, to view the whole picture of presentation, to understand the importance of presentation, and to sense the meaning and necessity of presentation.

To think critically, to inter-connect logically, to recognize the essence of things per se, and to realize what to say to the world, how to say it and why to say it.

To think in a visual way, to create with design skills, and more important, to deliver one’s will and belief with heartfelt passion.

Eventually, hope to discover oneself, to embrace the individual difference, and further, to find out one’s position.

So, “More than a Presentation” is a journey of exploration and challenge, and of introspection and self-reflection, to search and to deliver passion through confronting and walking into the crowd.

Course Teacher Intro

  • 教師:王思齊
  • 簡介:

  • 教師:江樵
  • 簡介:

  • 簡報達人:孫治華
  • 簡介:
TEDxNCU 2014講者


  • 簡報達人:彭毅弘
  • 簡介:
第一屆台大盃簡報大賽 銀獎
TEDxTaida 2013講者

Course Schedule

第1週:Presentation overview I

第2週:Presentation overview II

第3週:Image Searching and Applying

第4週:PPT design

第5週:Presentation delivery

第6週:Expert interviews

Course Content

Through class speech, demonstration and production, you will learn certain unique communication modes of presentation, and further understand the basic concepts and production principles of presentation. By the instructor’s illustrating and interpreting presentation examples, you can actually practice the skills for each stage of presentation production, starting from plan, through design, to delivery, and re-recognize the importance of presentation and communication skills. In addition, this course contains videos of interviews with popular presentation experts and some case studies, which we hope may guide you to the world of presentation.

Course Mode

This course is divided into six units, with each unit including several sections. There’s a 5~15 minutes long course video for each unit. After each video, there’s an exam for you to self-test whether you understand the content. For those who don’t want to take exams, you can choose to do assignments. Please check the grading criteria below.

Course Grade

  • Grading :
"Pass" score: 60;"Full" score: 100

Five exams: 75%
Five assignments: 75%
(you may either take exams or do assignments.)

Participation (video watching, forum discussion, etc.): 25%

Grade Required

Course grade pass:60Grade Memo:max grade 100 point

Course Ability


Welcome everyone who has interest in presentation, message delivery or communicative skills.