Terms of Service
Taiwan LIFE open education platform (hereinafter referred to as “Taiwan LIFE”) provides services according to these terms. Please read them carefully. These terms apply to the use of announcement, emailings, feedback forum, the provision of course information and so on. Once you have entered the platform website to start using any of the services provided by Taiwan LIFE and its affiliated websites, you have agreed, understood, accepted and complied with the following terms. If you do not accept these terms, please discontinue your use of any services provided by Taiwan LIFE.

Modification and Updates of the Terms of Service
Taiwan LIFE reserves the right to modify or change these terms at any time. If Taiwan LIFE modify or change these terms, the modification will become effective immediately. We will post notice of modifications by reasonable and effective way immediately. We suggest you notice these notifications regularly. Users, continue using services provided by Taiwan LIFE, are deemed to have read, understood, and agreed to accept the modified terms. If you do not agree to the modified or changed terms, please discontinue your use of any services provided by Taiwan LIFE.

To register an account in Taiwan LIFE, you have to provide a valid email address and password. You have to agree that your registration information on this platform will not be disclosed to third parties in any case. You have to agree to use only one account to register Taiwan LIFE instead of using several accounts at the same time. To confirm your identity, Taiwan LIFE will also request you to provide other necessary personal information. Therefore, you must provide genuine and complete personal information to Taiwan LIFE , and update such information continuously. Taiwan LIFE reserves the right to terminate your right of using Taiwan LIFE once we find the information you provide to Taiwan LIFE is not genuine and complete. You have the right to request Taiwan LIFE delete all the personal information and the account you have stored in Taiwan LIFE if you decide to discontinue the use of Taiwan LIFE. At the same time, you may not obtain or attempt to obtain other users’ account, password, or personal information in any illegal way (such as spreading virus programs, posting URL links which embedded malware, using password cracking tools, and other illegal ways). Your rights may be suspended should violate these terms. In serious case, Taiwan LIFE will respond to such cases according to Personal Information Protection Act and other disposals.

Activity Specification
Taiwan LIFE prohibits users from posting any emails or posts of solicitations on the platform. If users’ posts engage in the following contents, system administrators reserve right to remove inappropriate contents and suspend users’ right in serious cases:
- Content that involves intimidation, threats, or against reputation of others.
- Content that involves discussion of illegal behaviors or activities, and abet others to engage in such illegal behaviors or activities.
- Content that infringes intellectual property right, such as illegal use of copyrights, trademarks, or trade secrets.
- Content includes improper disclosure of revealing contract secrets, trust documents and so on.
- Content that involves obscene erotic or too bloody and violent words, audios and videos or pictures and relevant URL links.
- Content that involves advertising merchandises or promotion for specific merchandises.
- Content that violates other users or visitors (such as involving discrimination of race, religion, sex, nation, disease, disability and so on, or inappropriate speech involves insulting, ridiculing, using words with sexual harassment and so on.)
- Content that violates regional, provincial, national or international legal norms.

Delete and Prohibit Posts in Feedback Forum
LIFE feedback forum provide a place for users to make comments, ask questions, answer questions or get feedbacks. System administrators of Taiwan LIFE reserve right to supervise and control the content and related hyperlinks of each posts in the feedback forum. If inappropriate speeches and contents, or links to inappropriate websites are found, our system administrators reserve right to remove and make a warning. Recidivists or users violate these terms in serious cases, our administrators reserve the right to terminate the users’ right to speak in Taiwan LIFE and to suspend the users’ account to protect other users. At the same time, Taiwan LIFE disclaims and is irresponsible for the inappropriate contents posted by the user.

Copyright Protection
Inappropriate copy and commercial sales behavior is prohibited for all resources in Taiwan LIFE. Users cannot use or reprint both Taiwan LIFE registered trademark and teaching materials illegally in public. Users agree with the following matters without authorization:
- Users cannot engage in remaking, reproducing, copying, spreading, reselling, or conducting commercial use to earn personal benefits by using platform resources, posts and uploaded files posted by other users without authorization.
- Users cannot use logo or name of ewant or our associate institutions to carry out activities without authorization. On the contrary, to post documents (including words, pictures, audios and videos, software, music and so on) on ewant, users must be authorized by intellectual property owner legally in advance.

Courses Selection Policy (Add Courses After Dropping)
There are two situations of pressing “unenroll Self” icon, one is by accident, the other is by intention. All these two situations may lead to elimination of course progress record and examination record. To prevent these situations from happening, Taiwan LIFE will restore course progress record automatically for users who add the same course after dropping it. This special design is to prevent the situations mentioned above, it is not a design error.

Course Guideline and Certificate
Taiwan LIFE provides online courses and mini-programs for users to learn professional knowledge. Taiwan LIFE and lecturers reserve the right to cancel, suspend, or reschedule class hours. Taiwan LIFE also reserves the right to adjust homework, examination, or grading policies. And if the above situation occurs, lecturers are obligated to notify all the users of the course as soon as possible. Once users complete all the course requirements set by lecturers, they will receive a “course-passing certificate”. It will be noted that this certificate is granted by both Taiwan LIFE and specific lecturers of the course. But it does not represent to be granted by Taiwan LIFE and specific schools. Taiwan LIFE reserves the right to evaluate whether it is suitable to grant this certificate for the specific courses or not. The certificate does not include approval of credits from specific schools. Lecturers participate in Taiwan LIFE is also not obligated to help users get approval of credits from specific schools. Format of certificate varies from courses to courses; users’ grade is not going to be shown on the certificate for certain. It must be agreed by Taiwan LIFE if specific schools want to charge for credits or certificates. Users have to agree not to forge certificate which is given and approved by Taiwan LIFE. If it is found and affirmed that users doing so, it will be subjected to the crime of Offenses of Forging Instruments or Seals of criminal law and sent to the legal treatment.

Rational Use of Teaching Materials
All the teaching materials (including words, pictures, audios and videos, software and so on) provided by Taiwan LIFE are intellectual property owned by Taiwan LIFE or specific schools and protected by law. If you have agreed these terms, Taiwan LIFE approves you to enter this platform and use these course resources. Users have to agree downloading teaching materials only for personal use, not for commercial use, and guaranteed not to copy, issue, reprint, and sale teaching materials provided by Taiwan LIFE. Users have to consider their use of teaching materials carefully and comply with the statement above.If users have other special needs (such as academic research, helping underprivileged people or other legitimate and nonprofit use) for acquiring teaching materials, please contact us to apply for authorization.

Upload Teaching Material
Taiwan LIFE provides the function of uploading documents for users, such as in feedback forum. You agree the uploaded documents being limited used for academic research by Taiwan LIFE and specific schools. You still own the right of these documents, could claim their ownership of uploaded documents, and reserve the right not to provide to Taiwan LIFE for any reasonable use and conservation. In Feedback Forum, you can also provide relevant feedback and agree Taiwan LIFE to reserve permanent right of use of feedback which is allowed to be revised and changed within a reasonable range.

Extended Resource Link
Taiwan LIFE provides hyperlink function for users to connect to other external websites. However, since it is difficult to check all the URL links and to confirm the correctness of contents these links provided or even the and usage security for Taiwan LIFE and its partner schools, Taiwan LIFE is not responsible for checking the external URL links being authentic and harmless. Taiwan LIFE advises users always clicking external URL links from reliable sources. To protect personal information from leakage and the security for your computer, do not click URL links from unknown sources.

Used by Digital Education for Research and Development
Users’ learning record will be used for improving digital education as well as the research and development of platform. Taiwan LIFE and course providing teams may collect these records for researching purpose or for the use of course improvement. None of these activities would affect your grades if exist.

Charging Policy
Most of course resources currently offered by Taiwan LIFE are opened for free, but some services (such as physical examination for certification, professional training courses, courses offered credits and so on) may charge users by some premium. Revenue resulting from such courses will be invested into the development of Taiwan LIFE and open education promotion.

These terms are last revised on 2017.05.08.