Easy to Speak Mandarin (With 300 Sentences) English Assisted 超實用300句說華語(英語輔助)(自學課程)
Teacher: 陳如珏



  1. 針對在臺灣的日常生活規劃十項主題與常用句,讓你在不同主題下,輕鬆套用詞彙說出華語。
    We target 10 themes related to daily life in Taiwan, so you can easily plug in useful phrases, and speak Mandarin naturally.
  2. 每課搭配生活情境動畫,將常用句重新排列,讓你從情境中再次複習華語。
    Every lesson comes with situational animations, rearranging the phrases to review the Mandarin you just learned.

Course Teacher Intro

  • 教師姓名:陳如珏 
    Instructor's Name: Lucy Chen Rujue
  • 教師簡介:
    Instructor's Bio:

Teaching Chinese as a Second Language, National Taipei University of Education (M.A.)

Adjunct Lecturer, Takming University of Science and Technology
Adjunct Lecturer, Shih Chien University

Course Schedule

第1週:您好嗎? How are you?

第2週:多少錢? How much is it?

第3週:自我介紹 Self-introduction

第4週:現在幾點? What time is it?

第5週:今天星期幾? What day is it today?

第6週:怎麼走 Directions

第7週:餐廳 Restaurants

第8週:我生病了 I’m sick

第9週:寄信打電話 Letters and calls

第10週:祝福語 Well-wishes


Course Content

10 units include: “How Are You?”, “How much is it?”, self-introduction, “What time is it?”, “What day of the week is it?”, directions, restaurants, “I’m sick.”, letters and calls, well-wishes.

Course Grade


Grade Required

Course grade pass:100Grade Memo:max grade 100 point

Course Ability

  1. 1.各地對華語學習有興趣的零起點或初級學生。
    Any student with minimal Mandarin knowledge, or just starting from zero.

  2. 居住在臺灣且對華語學習有需求的移工、新移民及其子女。
    Migrant workers, new immigrants, and their children, living in Taiwan who need to learn Taiwan Mandarin.

  3. 想練習不同情境、識讀正(繁)體字、接觸更多臺灣華語用法的在臺外籍學生、國際學生。
    Foreign/international students, who want to learn how to read Traditional Chinese, and want to practice Mandarin in various situations in Taiwan.

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