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There are countless microorganisms in the natural world, and humans have coexisted with them since ancient times, utilizing them. However, there are also a few microorganisms that pose a threat to humans, leading to the occurrence of some epidemics in history. Because these microorganisms cannot be seen with the naked eye, humans only discovered their existence relatively late and know little about them. However, this group of small life forms that coexist with us not only affect the ecology of the earth but also our daily lives. They are a group of organisms that cannot be ignored. This course will first introduce the discovery of this fascinating world, and then introduce the characteristics of its members and their relationship with humans one by one. Finally, it will introduce the cultivation of these microorganisms, leading everyone to glimpse this fascinating world that cannot be ignored. This is also an introductory course for future microbiology-related courses. This course is the first of the "Wonderful Creatures Affecting Agriculture" series offered by the Alliance of Lifelong Learning. The series consists of 4 courses, and the next courses will be launched in the future. We welcome you to join us on this wonderful journey.

Course Object

1. 增進學生對微生物世界基本的認識
Improve students' basic understanding of the microbial world.

2. 提升學生對微生物各成員的構造、分類及特性的基本知識
Enhance students' basic knowledge of the structure, classification, and characteristics of different microbial members.

3. 讓學生暸解微生物與人類之間愛恨情仇的關係,並作為前導基礎課程引發他們對微生物的探索興趣
Help students understand the complex relationship between microbes and humans, and use this as a foundational course to spark their interest in exploring the world of microbes

Course Teacher Intro

  • 教師姓名:王瑜琦
  • 教師簡介:

  • 研究與專長領域 : 醫學微生物免疫學、水產疾病病理及檢驗、水產生物免疫學
  • 數位教學經驗:
(1) 通過教育部數位學習課程認證
 99年度第二梯次 探索微生物的世界
 103年度第一梯次 探索微生物的世界
 105年度第二梯次 微生物的妙用
 110年度第二梯次 微生物學
(2) 磨課師課程經驗:

  • 教學榮譽 :

Course Schedule

第1週:2-0 單元介紹(3:47)

第2週:2-1 現形 - 細菌的微觀與巨觀(17:49)

第3週:2-2 解剖 - 細菌的構造(16:36)

第4週:2-3 細菌的傳宗接代(7:58)

第5週:2-4 認識嬌小的細菌(15:07)

第6週:2-5 細菌與人類的關係(24:05)

第7週:2-6 奇妙生物聊一聊(3:13)

第8週:2-7 單元小考&討論議題

Course Content


The unit content is rich and interesting, with illustrations and graphics, as well as extensive supplementary reading materials and reference videos that satisfy the curiosity and thirst for knowledge of students. In-class quizzes provide immediate feedback on learning progress, and discussion questions and assignments are designed to encourage students to reflect and explore on course-related topics.

Course Mode


This course is divided into 6 sections. Each section provides a teaching video of approximately 10 minutes for explanation. Quizzes and tests will be provided to help learners quickly confirm their understanding of the course content.

Course Grade

  • 課程及格標準: 60 分 滿分: 100分
  • 隨堂測驗:
There are 5 quizzes, making up a total of 50%.

  • 單元小考:
There is only 1 test, making up a total of 30%.

  • 課程參與:
Watching more than half of the course materials and participating in 1 or more discussions accounts for 20%.

Grade Required

Course grade pass:60Grade Memo:max grade 100 point

Course Ability


This course does not require any background knowledge and is suitable for all learners interested in microbiology, including junior high school, high school, college, and adults.

Course Suggest

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