Pulmonary rehabilitation
Teacher: Shu-Chuan Ho,Kang-Yun Lee,Wen-Te Liu,Hsiao-Chi Chuang


The contents of this course are introduced from the aspects of respiratory physiology, pulmonary rehabilitation exercise theory, exercise principle and various methods with demonstration teaching videos, the use of pulmonary rehabilitation in common thoracic diseases, the timing of lung rehabilitation, improvement of air pollution on respiratory diseases. Finally, the assessment of the effectiveness of the case centered on pulmonary rehabilitation was completed. It is hoped that this course will enable students to gain an initial understanding of pulmonary rehabilitation so as to enhance their correct knowledge.

Course Object

  • Pulmonary rehabilitation development and theoretical basis
  • Pulmonary rehabilitation theory and clinical practice
  • Applied knowledge of lung rehabilitation skills taught the case in the implementation of daily life

Course Teacher Intro

  • Shu-Chuan Ho
  • School of Respiratory Therapy Taipei Medical University /   Associate Professor
  • Kang-Yun Lee
  • Department of Internal Medicine, School of Medicine, College of Medicine, Taipei Medical University, /Associate Professor
  • Wen-Te Liu
  • School of Respiratory Therapy Taipei Medical University /   Assistant Professor
  • Hsiao-Chi Chuang
  • School of Respiratory Therapy Taipei Medical University /   Associate Professor

Course Schedule

第1週:Week01 Respiratory physiology

第2週:Week02 Timing of Pulmonary Rehabilitation

第3週:Week03 Pulmonary rehabilitation in COPD

第4週:Week04 Pulmonary rehabilitation in Asthma

第5週:Week05 Pulmonary rehabilitation in Bronchiectasis

第6週:Week06 Pulmonary rehabilitation in non-COPD lung disease

第7週:Week07 Air Pollution and Respiratory Health

第8週:Week08 Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Course Mode

This course is divided into eight main units, each unit will be composed of several small units, each unit provides a period of 10 to 15 minutes of video. A weekly quiz is provided in conjunction with the course content to help learners quickly confirm whether they are aware of the class content and arrange final exams to assess learning outcomes.

Course Grade

This courses include three parts; each part passing score is 60 (full score: 100).

  • Quiz: 50% 
  • Midterm: 25%
  • Final: 25%

Grade Required

Course grade pass:60Grade Memo:max grade 100 point

Course Ability

  1. Medical related background
  2. Clinical practice staff or long-term caregivers
  3. Related medical needs