Advanced Good Pharmacy Practice
Teacher: Yuh-Lih Chang ,Shao-Chin Chiang


This advanced course would mainly describe the medication use and management. Besides, the professors will discuss about continued education of pharmacists.

Course Object

(1)       Understand the regulations of medical management and usage.

(2)       Recognize the character in pharmaceutical therapy.

(3)       Understand the assistance in pharmacy service.

(4)       Understand the rules of continuing education.

(5)       Understand the process and experience of continuing education.

Course Teacher Intro

  • Yuh-Lih Chang 
  • Taipei Veterans General Hospital, Department of Pharmacy / Division Chief

  • Shao-Chin Chiang
  • Koo Foundation Sun Yat-Sen Cancer Center, Department of Pharmacy / Deputy Director

  • Ching-Wen Chen
  • Clinical pharmacist 
    Department of Pharmacy
    Taipei Veterans General Hospital
  • Pei-Chen Lee
  • Clinical pharmacist
    Department of Pharmacy
    Taipei Veterans General Hospital
  • Chia-Hui Chen
  • Clinical pharmacist
    Department of Pharmacy
    Taipei Veterans General Hospital

Course Schedule

第1週:1.1 Medication Use & Management -Pharmacy & Therapeutic Committee and Formulary Management

第2週:2.1 Medication Use & ManaMedication Use & Management- Drug safety and drug shortagesgement -Procurement and Inventory control / 2.2 Medication Use & Management- Drug safety and drug shortages

第3週:3.1 Medication Use & Management- Counseling and patient education

第4週:4.1 Automation for drug dispensing / 4.2 Medication safety

第5週:5.1 Ethics for pharmacy practice

第6週:6.1 Pharmacist’ continuing professional development

Course Content

It includes procurement, inventory control, shortage management, and so on. In addition, technology is vital to pharmacy services. In the lecture, professors will help the learners understand that technology plays an important role in pharmacy services. Finally, the course concludes that continuing professional development and ethics are two elements to become a 7-star pharmacist.


Course Schedule

Week 1

Unit 1-Medication Use & Management-Pharmacy & Therapeutic Committee and Formulary Management 

Week 2

Unit 2-Medication Use & Management-Procurement and Inventory control 

Unit 3-Medication Use & Management-Drug safety and drug shortages  

Week 3

Unit 4-Medication Use & Management-Counseling and patient education  

Week 4

Unit 5-Automation for drug dispensing 

Unit 6-Medication safety 

Week 5

Unit 7-Ethics for pharmacy practice  

Week 6

Unit 8-Pharmacists’ continuing professional development

Course Mode

All courses are taught in English.

Course Grade

This part passing score is 60 (full score: 100).

*Quiz: 50% 

*Midterm: 25%

*Final: 25%

Grade Required

Course grade pass:60Grade Memo:max grade 100 point

Course Ability

  • The basic knowledge of medication use and management. 
  • Finish the courses of "Basic and Moderate Good Pharmacy Practice".

Certificate information