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隨到隨學!Let's have fun with this MOOC: 全球化/在地化莎士比亞!


Due to the globalization, the mobility of knowledge and labor has quickened. With the assistance of globalization, Shakespeare studies have reached five continents. Last year, the first Asian Shakespearean Association was founded, whose members are scholars dedicated to Shakespeare studies in Asia, coming from Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Philippines, China, India, Europe and America. Because of frequent intercultural exchanges nowadays, Shakespeare is not an asset which belongs to the English culture alone. His works are adapted, appropriated and rewritten all over the world, springing up like mushrooms after rain, and productions range from stage performances, films, television adaptations, comics, animations, musicals, operas and in other forms of pop culture. This course will begin with an introduction to the rhythm of Shakespeares Sonnets and soliloquies. After being acquainted with the beauty of his verse, we will have selective readings of the Shakespeares plays, especially the ones the most related to the development of Shakespeare in Taiwan. By using manga adaptations to read Shakespeares texts, this course hopes to present diverse Shakespearean interpretations. The course curriculum includes reading Shakespeares texts in a scenario, role-playing, analyzing Shakespeare manga adaptations, staging a Shakespeare scene and other course activities to fulfill various learning and assessments.

Course Object


Course Teacher Intro

陳 怡伶 (Dr. Yilin Chen)
  • Associate Professor, the Department of English Language, Literature and Linguistics, Providence University
  • Ph.D. in Drama and Theatre, Royal Holloway, University of London
  • M.F.A. in Theatre Arts, Columbia University

Prof. Alexa Huang

  • Professor of English, Theatre and Dance, George Washington University
  • Fulbright scholar
  • Co-teaching the Global Shakespeare in the Queen Mary, University of London

Prof. Ryuta Minami

  • Professor of English, Shirayuri University
  • Sister school
  • Exchange program
  • 3 exchange students in Taiwan Culture Studies

Dr. Yukari Yoshihara

  • Associate Professor of Humanities and Social Science, University of Tsukuba
  • Shakespeare and pop culture


  • 林依俐總編、孟宸老師
  • 日本漫畫家 真崎春望老師

Dr. Ian MacLennan

  • Associate Professor of Theatre Arts, Thorneloe, Laurentian University
  • Chinese Universities Shakespeare Festival
  • 11/7 Skype auditions
  • 11/28 rehearsal
  • Next April 8-10 Canadian students & 3 instructors come to help English Festival in PU

梁文菁 (Dr. Wen-ching Lia Liang)

  • Assistant Professor, Department of Foreign Languages and Literature, National Tsinghua University
  • 國立清華大學外國語文學系助理教授
  • 台灣莎士比亞學會理事長

Course Schedule

1 Section:Introduction to Global/Local/Glocal Shakespeare全球化、在地化、全球在地化莎士比亞簡介

2 Section:Shakespeare's Sonnets 十四行詩

3 Section:A Soliloquy or a Scene Analysis 莎劇獨白或場景賞析

4 Section:Romeo and Juliet 《羅密歐與茱麗葉》

5 Section:Shakespeare and Japanese Manga 莎士比亞與日式漫畫

6 Section:Reading Japanese Shakespeare 讀日式漫畫莎劇

7 Section:Taiwanese and Japanese Manga Shakespeare Forum 台日漫畫莎劇論壇

8 Section:Othello 《奧賽羅》

9 Section:Hamlet 《哈姆雷特》

10 Section:Shakespeare and Politics 莎士比亞與政治

11 Section:Shakespeare and London Threatre 莎士比亞與倫敦劇場

12 Section:A political Influence on Shakespeare Theatre 政治因素對莎士比亞劇場影響

13 Section:Contemporary Shakespeare Performances 當代莎劇表演

Course Content

This course offers 13-week lectures (in English). Every week contains 1 to 3 hours lectures, each of which is composed in a 10- to 15-minute film . 

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Grade Required

Course grade pass:100Grade Memo:max grade 100 point

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