Investment (Basics):Leveraging your fortune
Teacher: PlamenPatev


This course focuses on applications of financial theory to investment process in stocks. Topics include stock market trading mechanism, investment analysis and asset pricing theories, investment risk management for the stocks. The course also explores the application of various instruments for analysis in investment management as fundamental and technical analysis and presents how to apply then in its simples forms.

Course Object

  • Students to be able to discern the interest of investors and their needs.
  • Students to develop their knowledge in these analytical models which they think they can be more convincing for the investor.
  • Students to be capable to combine all their analytical knowledge and to apply it for decision-making process in investment.

Course Teacher Intro

  • 教師姓名:Plamen Patev
  • 教師簡介:
Associate professor, Ph.D., teaching courses in areas: Investment Management, Financial Statement Analysis, Investment Portfolio Analysis, International Finance and Trade. Experience in investment practice as portfolio manager and financial analysist.

Course Schedule

第1週:Introduction to Investment Portfolio

第2週:Investment process:How to start your investment

第3週:Return and risk from investment:How to measure your success

第4週:Investment analysis:Make your decisions reasonable

Course Content

The course will develop analytical skills of the students and they will be able to critically analyze every specific investment process.

Course Mode

This course contains 4 main topics and each of them consist of 5-8subtopics. A video of max 20 minutes will be organized for each subtopic. A class quiz will be administrated for each lesson.

Course Grade

  • 課程及格標準: 60 分 滿分: 100分
  • Four exams: 40%
  • Participation (video watching): 40%
  • Questionnaire : 20%

Grade Required

Course grade pass:60Grade Memo:max grade 100 point

Course Ability

Basic knowledge in Financial management is required.

Certificate information