Financial Technology:Personal Finance at your Fingertips, AI can help
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In this course, we introduce financial technology (Fintech). Financial Technology is one of the new trends in the delivery of financial services. The basic “ABCD” of Fintech will be introduced. These include: artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud computing and big data. Different topics related to applications of Fintech will be address, such as NFT, metaverse, cryptocurrency, mining bitcoin and deep learning neural network.


Students can learn the rapid change of technologies influences on Fintech. Students can understand how to communicate ideas on Fintech topics.


  • 教師姓名:Peitsang Pete Wu
  • 教師簡介:
Dr. Pete Wu received his PhD in Operations Research at North Carolina State university. He is an Associate Professor at Department of international Business Administration at I-Shou University. His teaching interests include Artificial Intelligence, Neural Network, Operation Management, Statistics, Programming Language, and Data Processing.


第1週:Introduction to FinTech

第2週:Introduction to Banking

第3週:Introduction to Payment

第4週:Introduction to Block Chain

第5週:NFT and Metaverse

第6週:Artificial Intelligence

第7週:Deep Learning Neural Network


The topics include: introduction, online banking, digital banking, online payment, digital payment, digital wallet, online bill presentment, digital bill presentment, blockchain applications, cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrency mining, Non Fungible Token (NFT), metaverse machine learning and artificial intelligence.


This course has 7 main topics, and each main topic contains several sub-topics. A video of 20-30 minutes will be created for each sub-topic. A class quiz will be administered every week to make sure that learners have understood the lecture. Please refer to the scoring criteria for more details.


  • 課程及格標準: 60 分 滿分: 100分
  • Grading : "Pass" score: 60;"Full" score: 100
  • Quizzes: 60%
  • Participation (video watching): 40%


Course grade pass:60Grade Memo:max grade 100 point


No basic knowledge is required for this course. Everyone can take this course as long as they are interested in financial technology.


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