Electronic Commerce:Transforming the bricks and mortar to Internet
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This course mainly introduces the basic concepts and business strategies of e-commerce. This course will also introduce the business model and strategic approaches to e-Commerce success through real case studies. In addition this course will teach how to build and design an online store. The course content will be based on explanations and quizzes for each unit in order to enhance students’ understanding of the basic knowledge of e-commerce and the ability to build and manage online stores. This course is conducted online learning so there are no geographical restrictions on this course. It allows students to study this course online and take advantage of online learning to play and listen to this course repeatedly anytime and anywhere. This course also can help students lay a solid foundation and plan their learning progress flexibly, so as to meet their learning needs in knowledge and practical application capabilities in the future workplace.

Tujuan kursus

The objective of this course is to cultivate e-commerce management professionals and employability, as well as learn how to create a professional and modern e-commerce website. After completing this course, you will be able to develop business management skills for e-commerce and building an online store, and can apply it to increase your competitive advantage in the future workplace.

Pengenalan guru

  • 教師姓名:Yun-Yun Chen
  • 教師簡介:
Dr. Yun-Yun Chen is currently an associate professor of the Department of Information Management of I-Shou University and a supervisor of Taiwan project management association. He specializes in e-commerce, internet marketing, big data marketing, Internet of Things technology and application, strategic management, etc. She has published many research results in international professional journals and international conferences.

  • 教師姓名:Tai-Chi Wu
  • 教師簡介:
Dr. Tai-chi Wu presently holds the position of Associate Professor of Media and Entertainment Management at I-Shou University. Additionally, he serves as the Dean of Student Affairs at the aforementioned institution and Senior Advisor to Internationalization. Notably, Wu's areas of expertise include project management, internationalization of higher education, and strategic management, among others, and he has collaborated with several industry and academic partners to execute practical projects.

Jadwal kursus

第1週:Understanding E-Commerce

第2週:Major Trends In E-Commerce

第3週:State Of The U.S. E-Commerce Market

第4週:Strategies For E-Commerce Success

第5週:Main Business Model of E-Commerce - Part 1

第6週:Main Business Model of E-Commerce - Part 2

第7週:Building your online store

Isi kursus

The content of this course is mainly divided into seven units. The first unit introduces the basic concepts of electronic commerce including the history, definition and overview of electronic commerce. The content of the second unit is to discuss the new retail trends and consumption patterns of e-commerce, and the third unit is to analyze the current situation of Asia, U.S., and global e-commerce. The fourth unit introduces the basic elements of business models and the key concepts and strategies for the success of e-commerce. The fifth and sixth units introduce the strategies of different types of e-commerce business models and the differences between them, and how e-commerce changes the way of doing business. The seventh unit is about learning how to build and design an online store.

Model kursus

This course is divided into seven main units. Each unit will be composed of several small units. Each small unit provides a 10-30 minute video. In-class tests and practical assignments are provided every week to match the course content to help learners quickly confirm whether they understand the class content.


  • 課程及格標準: 60 分 滿分: 100分
  • Participation (video watching): 60%
  • Quizzes : 20%
  • Assignments: 20%


Course grade pass:60Grade Memo:max grade 100 point


This course does not require any sort of coding or experience, anyone can join this course as long as they are interested in e-commerce practitioners and want to become an excellent e-commerce professional.


Kenneth, C Laudon. E-commerce 2021–2022: Business. Technology. Society. Seventeenth Edition, Global Edition

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