Consumer Behavior:Creating the customer’s royalty
อาจารย์: 陳怡穆


The course aims to teach consumer behavior theory and principles. Eight units are provided: Introduction, Buyer characteristics (1), Buyer characteristics (2), Household decision making, Group, Culture, Communication and Consumer Behavior, Opinion Leaders and Diffusion of Innovations. After watching the online courses, quizzes are provided to understand students’ learning performance.


The students can develop a clear understanding of consumer behavior by learning about relevant psychological and sociological theories. Moreover, learn how those theories can be applied to practical marketing strategies and decision-making.


  • 教師姓名:Chen, Yi-Mu
  • 教師簡介:
Yi-Mu Chen is an associate professor of Department of Business Administration at I-Shou University, Taiwan. Her research interests include relationship marketing, service marketing, and consumer behavior. Her publications have appeared in Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, Service Marketing Quarterly, Young Consumers, Journal of Relationship Marketing, Journal of Management (Taiwan), Taiwan Journal of Public Health, Asian Sports Management Review.


第1週:Consumer Behavior - Introduction

第2週:Buyer characteristics (1)

第3週:Buyer characteristics (2)

第4週:Household decision making



第7週:Communication and Consumer Behavior

第8週:Opinion Leaders and Diffusion of Innovations


In this class, we will examine how and why consumers behave the way they do, how environmental, psychological, and buyer characteristic factors shape how they behave, and the correspondence marketing implications.


This course is divided into eight main units; each unit will be composed of several small units, and each small unit will provide a 10-30 minute video. Weekly in-class quizzes are provided in conjunction with the course content to help learners quickly confirm whether they understand the course content. In addition, an online survey is required to complete. For the assessment criteria, please refer to "Grading Policy".


  • 課程及格標準: 60 分 滿分: 100分
  • Eight exams: 40%
  • Participation (video watching): 40%
  • Online survey: 20%


Course grade pass:60Grade Memo:max grade 100 point


We recommend that students who major in marketing and practitioners who are working in and interested in marketing-related jobs take this course.


1. Consumer Behaviour (2006). Front Cover, Leon G. Schiffman, Leslie Lazar Kanuk, and Mallika Das, Pearson Prentice Hall.
2. Consumer Behavior: Building Marketing Strategy (2010). Del I. Hawkins And David L. Mothersbaugh. McGraw Hill.